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Voice Noti Alarm

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Your one-touch secretary will fill you in on important notifications such as weather, voice messages, etc.How is [voice notification alarm] different from other alarm apps?
1. Voice notification of weather, daily schedule, missed calls, and text messages.
Theres no need for you to go back home to grab your umbrella anymore! [voice notification alarm] will get you covered on the weather everyday.
you have [voice notification alarm]! After it wakes you up, it will fill you in on information you need in the morning such as Google Calendar events, missed calls overnight, and text messages.
Isnt is cumbersome to check the weather before you get off work everyday? [voice notification alarm] has made it much more convenient for you with a click of a button on your home screen with its voice assistance.
2. Stylistic UI Design
Alarm apps shouldnt be so crude anymore. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art design is worthy of your morning.
According to a research on 192(?) other alarm apps, there were so many crude, distasteful apps. You dont need to settle down with those. [voice notification alarm] is perfectly sophisticated, just like you.
3. A New Way To Dismiss The Alarm
Do you have favorite pictures of your beloved ones? The alarm doesnt get dismissed until you erase the part covering the pictures of your beloved ones. Start your day with the faces of your beloved ones!
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